As we know, India is an incredible country which comprises several vibrant culture and tradition. India, the magnificent country has many breathtaking and captivating places to visit. Many tourists from across the world visit India to explore the amazing places in India. India also has some hidden places from which most of the people are not familiar. So what are you waiting for, pack your bags and explore the most mesmerizing unexplored hidden places of India with your loved ones?

Here The List Of Some Of The Best And Hidden Places In India To Visit:

1. Majuli, Assam


Majuli is the island situated on the Brahmaputra River. It is the attractive and unexplored cultural capital of Assam. It is a must visiting place for those who search the World’s largest Fresh Water Island. Nightmare is the main village of Majuli island where many festivals and events are celebrated. Majuli island is 20 km away from the Jorhat. This amazing place is covered by greenery on all sides and it’s a pollution-free and environment-friendly destination to visit.

2. Damro, Arunachal Pradesh


Damro is the place situated in Arunachal Pradesh. It is a base to the longest and amazing hanging bridge. Damro is one of the unexplored and hidden places in India. The charm of Damro is its laid back lifestyle of the locals, suspended bridges and captivating bamboo houses. Damro is a rural form of a gateway for debilitated city inhabitants.

3. Kanatal, Uttrakhand


Kanatal is the most fantastic place in Uttrakhand. This place is also is in the list of hidden and unexplored places in India. Kanatal is a beautiful and pretty small district to enjoy with your loved ones. This place is full of romance with breathtaking views with the greenery all around.

4. Mainpat, Chhattisgarh


Mainpat is one of the unexplored and truly heavenly places in India. Except for Dharamshala, you may not be heard about any Tibetan colony but ‘Gompas’ which means temples of Mainpat is an amazing place to visit in India. This place is home to the ThakooShedupling Monastery which was established in the year of 1970. Mainpat is the most beautiful and captivating unseen place in India. The monastery of Manipat comprises many wall murals and old thangkas that decorate the interior of the monastery.

5. Parule and Bhogwe, Maharashtra


These places in Maharashtra are also the unexplored places of India. Parule provides an amazing experience with the taste of reliable local cuisine. There are several activities to do in this place like plantation walking, fishing, and even cow milking. The most amazing thing about this place is the sunset and sunrise view.
On the other hand, Bhogwe exaggerates of mystical charm and architectural wonders. This village has old cottages and peasant temples. In this place, you can enjoy the boat riding and relax on the seashore.

6. Chembra Lake, Western Ghats

Chembra Lake

Chembralake is the tiny and one of the stunning and beautiful lakes in India which are situated on the heights of Wayanad range in the Western Ghats. This lake is in the amazing scenic mountain with sweeping views and hiking trails. Chembra is a natural lake in the mountains which is believed to be never dried. This is only the natural lake in India which is in the Heart shape it’s the most catchy thing about this lake.

7. Champaner, Gujarat

Champaner gujarat

Champaner is the most amazing heritage site situated in the Panchmahal district of Gujarat. The fantastic gateway located 60 min away from the Vadodara. This is the best place for those who are fond of architecture and historical monuments. Champaner was the former capital of Gujarat which was replaced by Ahmedabad. This place comprises the most significant monuments which are made out of Hindu and Mughal architectural designs.

8. Mawlynnong, Meghalaya


Mawlynnong is the most beautiful and stunning village in Meghalaya. This village is considered as ‘The cleanest village in Asia’. But most of the people don’t know about this picturesque village. Mawlynnong is the essence of cleanliness and harmony, which makes it one of the dignitary unexplored and hidden places to visit in India. Its manicured front-yards, polished streets, spotless houses, and well-maintained roads make this place stunning.

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