This place is extremely old comprises of two slopes Mangi-Tungi are two bluffs of a solitary mountain these are named after two sisters Mangi and Tungi. Mangi is at a tallness of 4343 feet and Tungi is 4366 feet over the ocean level. We can discover 6 gives in on the Mangi slope and 2 buckles on Tungi slope. There are increasingly that 600 Jaina pictures of the tirthankaras in the padmasana and kayotsarga. Engravings on such a variety of icons are not clear. Numerous icon introduced in V.S. 651 are here. Numerous engravings on shake are here in Sansakrit Language in ADINATH and SHANTINATH Caves, however not clear. An engraving of V. S. 1400 is still there in Adinath Cave. There are a few holes named after divinities and sages who were freed there, for example, Seetaji , Mahaveer , Adinath , Shantinath , Parshwanath and Ratnatrya. Their godlike objects in yogic stances are found in these caverns. In Balabhadra give in too there are a few icons in comparable positions.

jain-temple-mangi-tungiThe vacationers find numerous colossal symbols in the open moreover. Krishna Kunda is near the Tungi top. It is trusted that Lord Krishna was incinerated from here. Different buckles likewise house the icons of Lord Rama and his dear and close to ones. What draws in consideration, be that as it may, quickly in the wake of achieving the place is mammoth, 31 feet high statue of Bhagwan Bahubali was raised as of late.

It is hard to think about the artifact and time of this place of worship. From icons, hollows, water supplies and engravings in semi-magadhi, ardha-magadhi script found on this mountain, it turns out to be peaceful obvious that the hallowed place is a huge number of years old.

Walking-on-mangi-tungi-wallIt is said to that Maryada Purushotam Sri Ramachandraji, Pavanputra hanumanji, Sri Sugrivji and innumerable Jain holy people have achieved Moksha here. As per one legend when the city of Dwarka was totally annihilated in flame, Lord Sri Krishna a Tirthankar to be, without bounds set of 24 in the following cycle of time and his sibling Sri Balram took shield in this backwoods and the previous left off his mortal loops when struck by a bolt from Jaradkumar additionally in this woods. Amidst these mountains his Brother Balram played out the last rituals. Indeed, even today there stands a remembrance on that spot. Sri Balramji from there on getting completely disappointed of this common life and understanding that it was the woodland and there honing serious severities continued to paradise.

mangi-tungi-viewThe two noticeable pinnacles of the mountain in this woodland are known as Mangi and Tungi. The street prompting them is to a great degree unsafe. There are many bends on the top in which Jain icons are discovered introduced. Adivasi individuals likewise by going by this holy place feel themselves satisfied. The close-by posts of Kanchanpur and Mulher and the town of Mulher are of verifiable importance. Till Vikram year 1822, in this town which was a city, there lived several Jain householder families and the city was rich and prosperous. It is said that quite a long time ago, the nearby ruler and additionally every one of his subjects were taking after Jain religion.

At the base of the mountain , now there are a sum of three sanctuaries, two of Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan and one of Sri Adhinath Bhagwan.

mangi-tungi-cavesIn the entire of India, there are a couple of mountains just, on which there are such a large number of holes, old icons and water stores. The place is a veritable fortune trove of antiquated workmanship. It is hard to depict this place in words. The antiquated creative Jain icons of Tirthankars and holy people together with impeccably cut pictures of divine beings and goddess in moving dispositions and stances of an awesome assortment which are found here in hollows are once in a while to be seen anyplace else. From place to put here engravings are found in Sanskrit and in addition Magadhi dialects.

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